BMB of Berini F. & C. snc invests in 4.0 process innovation for high standards of efficiency and quality control (POR) FESR 2014-2020 – Action 1.2.a.1 – Incentives to companies for process innovation and organization..

PROJECT TITLE: EQua 4.0 – Process innovation 4.0 for high standards of efficiency and quality control

DESCRIPTION: The EQua 4.0 project intends to introduce an improvement in BMB performance through the definition and new productive processes and organizational methods for achieving high levels of production efficiency and quality.

GOALS: Innovation of CNC milling processes, improvement of the quality system, implement integrated CAD / CAM / CAE and CNC programming systems for product and process simulation, adopt solutions for the reduction of waste and inefficiencies.

RESULTS: The results of the project will lead to the consolidation of a company know-how that will allow optimization of time and cost of the process to the advantage of the company’s margins and competitiveness, as well as improvement of service and product quality.

Spending allowed: € 284.658,03 – Funded contribution: € 113,863.21